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Follow Up Consultation

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Follow Up Consultation 

GinSen’s team are here to support you, when the time is right for you. Our qualified and experienced Chinese Medicine experts offer follow up consultation, we will review the implementation of your treatment plan and the effective of it.



What does the consultation include?

During your follow up consultation we will review the implementation of your treatment plan and the effective of it. We will discuss what is working, what is challenging and make adjustments where necessary. This assessment will include looking into:

• Medical History
• Symptoms Analysis
• Observational Diagnosis
• Toque Diagnosis
• Lifestyle

Our practitioners will provide in depth online diagnosis, personalised treatment plan and herbal formulas best suited for your conditions along with diet and lifestyle advice.

Alternatively, you may have a specific health need, or a set of requirements, that you’d want to investigate and gain a better understanding of your overall health and how to best achieve our health objectives.

What can you expect from your consult

• Receive tailored advice and your personalised treatment action plan. Consultations can be done via Video, Call, WhatsApp, or Email Consultation.

• Receive your delivery. We offer aftercare and advice throughout your journey. We offer worldwide delivery and advice until you reach your health goal

What conditions do we offer consultation for?

Our experienced practitioners can offer consultations for a range of different health issues including:

• Female Fertility
• Male Fertility
• Women’s Health
• Sleep Troubles
• Pain Management
• Digestive Issues
• Cold, Flu & Allergies

Our treatments are not limited to the conditions listed above. Since Chinese Medicine is a holistic treatment we can help with many conditions by getting to the root cause. If the condition you are seeking help for isn’t listed above please contact us.

Where can I find your success stories ?

Discover some of our success stories here. We hope these stories give you hope and inspired you to a natural alternative approach with Chinese Medicine.

1 review for Follow Up Consultation

  1. Rosette Ehomba

    My story started with infertility to over weight, but my most concerned problem was vaginal bleeding for 2 months non-stop. Aftet my consultation with the doctors and he prescribed some herbal medicines for the treatment. In less then one week I started seeing the results and now am my bleeding stops completely and my period is back with no cramps or pains. Therefore I would refer anyone to Ginsen and very happy with my results 😊. Thank you Ginsen!

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Online consultation available

We have two locations in London (Kensington and Chelsea) visit in clinic or use our consultation service. Virtual consultation is available on WhatsApp, WeChat, Call or Email

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