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Water Retention Treatment to Get You Back to Your Best

Whether you need help with bloating, swollen legs, feet, or excess water, and fluid retention, our Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine specialists will help with every phase of your journey.

Natural Remedy For Fluid Retention

For water retention in feet and legs

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Speak to our TCM experts for free.

For bloating, indigestion and water retention

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Speak to our TCM experts for free.

Get rid of excess fluid in your body

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Speak to our TCM experts for free.

Improve hormone balance for water retention

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Speak to our TCM experts for free.

Gets to the root cause of your water retention struggles

Diagnosis, advice, Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine treatment plan from experienced professionals

Fluid Retention in Legs

TCM interprets water retention as being the result of Dampness in the body which can be caused by many factors. Acupuncture can boost the Qi circulation in your body without any side-effect, and moxibustion can warm up the energy channel. Both of them are helpful to eliminate dampness in the body so that water retention in the legs can be reduced. At the same time, you can also try supplements and herbal tea for water retention!

Water Weight Management

When your body cannot get rid of excess fluid in the tissue and is retaining too much water, you may find it hard to lose weight even if you have tried to change your diet and exercise more.

Indigestion, Bloating and Water Retention

If you are suffering from water retention, you may also experience bloating gas in the stomach.

Water Retention During Menopause / PMS

Water retention is likely caused thanks to the fluctuations in hormones that occur throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle. So you may experience symptoms of water retention before your period or even during menopause.

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See What Others Had To Say About GinSen

I had swollen legs for a very long time and had tried different ways to reduce the symptom, but the result was not good. However, after having a consultation with Dr Lily, I tried my first acupuncture session. It helped a lot and I can notice water was getting out from my swollen body parts effectively just after two sessions of acupuncture!


I am so pleased I tried these pills (Water pills) they work so well I find just 1 in the morning is or I need. I nolonger take the ones from the doctors as these work so much better. For the first time in years I can see the bones in my feet this alone is amazing as my feet would swell due to so much fluid. As long as I just take the 1 in the morning i find I only go a couple of extra times. I love that this is a more natural way to balance your body instead of using drugs.


Used (Water Pill) for water retention in my feet and ankles swelling started reducing after 3/4 days very good product.

colin f

I usually experience water retention symptoms like bloating before my period. My friend recommend me to go for moxibustion. It is more relaxing than I thought, most importantly, it not only reduce my water retention symptoms but also helps with PMS! Excellent!


The only true way to get rid of the excess fluid
in your body naturally is to through balance
of Yin and Yang.

Lily LihuaTCM Specialist

GinSen Can Help You Reduce Water Retention Naturally

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Why am I retaining water?

Your body is mostly water. It’s in your blood, muscles, organs, and even your bones. You need it, but sometimes your body cannot drain fluid from it naturally. This is water retention, and it causes puffiness and swelling. Many different things can trigger it, even including menopausal and pregnancy.

Q. Symptoms of fluid/water retention?

Symptoms of fluid retention can include:
●swelling of affected body parts (feet, ankles and hands are commonly affected)
●aching of affected body parts
●stiff joints
●rapid weight gain over a few days or weeks
●unexplained weight fluctuations
●when pressed, the skin may hold the indent for a few seconds (pitting oedema)
●in other cases, the skin may not hold an indent when pressed (non-pitting oedema).

Q. Is there any supplement can help with water retention?

For sure, Chinese Medicine can give you natural remedies for water retention relief. For example, GinSen’s Water Retention Remedy is the ideal supplement to use when you are struggling to lose weight, and if you want fluid retention relief. Our Water Retention Remedy is made from 100% natural ingredients and helps to remove excess fluid resulting from indigestion. It can also help with gas and bloating and can help boost the metabolism.

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