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Wholesale Partnership With GinSen

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Exclusive Suppliers

From occasional orders to complete order processing outsourcing, We are experienced to work with trade customers of all shapes and sizes, helps businesses to expand their product range and offer improved services to clients.


GinSen provide high quality natural supplements worldwide. We offer a variety of unique wholesale herbal supplements. We offer competitive price and outstanding service to all our trade customers.

  • Natural and organic products

All of GinSen products are made from 100% Natural Ingredients, free from diary, gluten, Wheat grain, added sugar and soya

  • Competitive price

We ensures we supply supplements at the best trade prices

  • Supplying to businesses large and small at fast shipping

UK based warehouse to offer just in time shipping for anytime ordering.

  • Full Support and Service

We go the extra mile to make selecting the right ranges for your customers  by bringing together the best-selling  products in key categories, along with up-to-date market  insights from industry experts.

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    Our goal

    We would use our specialist market knowledge to provide support tools to help our customers’ businesses grow.

    Extract Powder

    GinSen’s herb extracts powder are produced in collaboration with one of the largest and best known pharmaceutical companies with cGMP-certified facility.

    Pressed Tablets

    Prepared from Chinese herbs at the concentration ratio of 7:1.These extracts have the advantage of both preserving all active herbal ingredients in full spectrum and the convenience for use whenever you need and wherever you go.

    Essential Formulas

    GinSen Modern Essentials are created to help us live a healthy and active life. This highly selective line of herbal supplements are derived from Chinese medicine and address today’s common health challenges.

    Ordering is straight forward:

    Contact us for a quote for ordering in quantities of wholesale herbal Supplements.

    Minimum order quantity & delivery

    Contact us for more information

    Delivery Time

    Orders are normally packed and despatched within 3-5 working days. We provide fast delivery to most UK mainland addresses

    Urgent Order

    Additional charge plus VAT on top of the order. You order will be packed and despatched the next day, provided that we receive your order by 12 noon.

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