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The Yin Yang Guide to Weight Loss by Lily Li Hua

Discover the secrets behind our incredible weight loss programmes

China is ranked as one of the world’s slimmest nations and the secret to its people’s healthier and happier lifestyle has been ingrained in its culture for thousands of years: they believe that life should be aligned with nature, and follow the basis of the yin and yang theory of balance (the 2000-year-old philosophy from the philosopher Lao Tzu that states a part can only be understood through its relationship to the whole).

In The Yin Yang Guide To Weight Loss, Chinese doctor and nutritionist Lily Lihua lets you into these ancient slimming and wellness secrets, as well as providing easy recipes and exercises that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

Learn how life should really be lived, to help you lose weight, feel energised, and be in control of your health and well-being.

Available at bookstores and online

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